We asked DefenderDrivers what they like about their Defender, here are the comments…

The face!!!!

the „goanywhereness“ 

it’s a workhorse

Makes me smile


Everything – and that it´s NO SUV ! 

The fact it’s not depreciating at the mo!

Alles schön

Simply the character.

The eversmiling face when you drive it 

It’s a truck..

king o the road..

nobody wants to run into you, by accident, or on purpose….

It is easier to ask what we don’t like….. uhhhhhh nothing

My 110 defender puts a smile on my face every day and my 2 children wouldn’t travel in any other car!!! & his is my 110 is already two weeks in my hands 🙂 my daughter every day after school ask my we can drive somewhere we can drive somewhere please!! 

love mine because it makes my other car seem amazing 

Easy to carry lambs or calves hay or straw about up and over Mendip. Try doing that in a corsa or a Jap toy

the car envy that it engenders from so many

The fact that if you take the plate off…it’s timeless, it’s ageless & perfect in its originality. It does what it says on the tin & you either love it or hate it…but if you love it then it’s an everlasting passion! 

The Community on/off road

What it does for me 

All of it, but mostly that it doesnt look like a range rover/disco/sport/evoke!!!!

The fact that it rolls so much on the road 

She carries, pulls, looks great anywhere, nice and good to repair/keep and they are legendary

This my best every

Cruise control

The fact that it looks good, go anywhere, do almost every task and (almost) everyone like it! (many people have given me good comment, even unknown people at first to me).


A defender does not try to be anithing else than what it is. It’s just a good offroad car with no excuses onroad..

everything… doesn’t matter weather your fishing cutting trees shooting or off-roading anything it does it all

When a careless motorist opens their door ignorantly in a violent manner and said shiny new door connects with my rock sliders. Oops. Then I remember why I drive a defender.




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